HOYA Vision Care Partners with EAOO to Support Continuing Education in Optometry

HOYA Vision Care, a leader in optical technology innovation, announced a partnership with the European Academy of Optometry and Optics (EAOO) to deliver educational content and sessions, in line with HOYA’s commitment to widely share knowledge and technical advances in the field of optometry and myopia management.

HOYA Vision Care will provide educational content for the EAOO website in the early summer of 2024. Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) will be able to access articles covering topics such as myopia management in daily practice, special myopia management cases, as well as the newest evidence in the field. HOYA will also create a dedicated section on the EAOO educational platform, to host additional valuable resources exclusive to members.

“At HOYA Vision Care, we recognize the significance of providing educational opportunities and patient-focussed insights in optometry, to achieve great outcomes in optical care. As a leader in optical technology innovation, we are dedicated to supporting and collaborating with esteemed associations like EAOO,” said Pascal Blaser, Global Professional Affairs Manager Myopia at HOYA Vision Care. “With a diverse membership across Europe, we view this partnership as an ideal avenue to empower ECPs with knowledge and bolster their confidence through evidence-based information.”

In addition, HOYA Vision Care will host webinars on the EAOO website, featuring expert speakers addressing diverse optometry topics, including myopia management. These webinars will be open to non-members as well, in order to share knowledge and expertise with a wider audience.

HOYA Vision Care will also actively engage in EAOO’s member-based virtual platform, Academy Hour, facilitating direct interaction through Q&A sessions, fostering knowledge exchange and discussions on emerging topics in the field of optometry. This initiative provides opportunity for HOYA Vision Care to gain insight from the ECPs on their daily practice, with the aim of improving their overall experience and strengthening collaboration in the optometry community.

“As we embark on new frontiers in optometry and optics, it’s crucial to recognize the symbiotic relationship between academia and industry.”, said Liliana Stankova, Immediate Past President of European Academy for Optometry and Optics. “Industry brings valuable resources and expertise, while academic institutions provide rigorous research methodologies and scientific insight. The partnership between the European Academy for Optometry and Optics and HOYA Vision Care demonstrates a shared commitment to advancing optometric education and driving innovation in myopia management. Together, we’re shaping a brighter future for Eye Care Professionals and their patients.”

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