EAOO 2024, Helsinki Conference Program Available

In the world of healthcare, eyecare is a field full of new ideas and exciting changes. Soon, experts from all over will gather in Helsinki, Finland for the EAOO 2024 Helsinki Conference.

Explore the Conference Program Here:

Two keynote lectures, will be highlights of the conference.

Dr. Sandra Block, a leader in eyecare, will talk about how we can stop vision problems that we can prevent. Her talk is called “Ensuring we as primary eyecare providers are part of the action to address preventable visual impairment: WCO’s role!” She’ll show us how important primary eyecare providers are in this mission.

Dr. Leonard Witkamp will also give a fascinating talk. His topic is “The hospital in 2030, is it in your optical practice? -The digital care path and the role of the optical practices, optometrists, and ophthalmologists.” Dr. Witkamp will help us imagine what eyecare might look like in the future. He’ll talk about how new technology and teamwork will change the way we take care of our eyes.

But the conference is not just about talks. It’s also a chance to meet others in the field, share ideas, and learn new things. There will be workshops, discussions, and chances to see the latest eyecare tools and research.

The EAOO 2024 Helsinki Conference is going to be a big moment for eyecare. So come join us in Helsinki and be part of this exciting journey into eyecare’s future.

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