Apply for the Prestigious EAOO Fellowship Program Now!

We are delighted to announce that the application period for the EAOO Fellowship program is officially open! As a valued member of the Academy, we extend a personal invitation to you to seize this esteemed opportunity.

The EAOO Fellowship program is designed to honor individual members who have made remarkable contributions to the fields of optometry, optics, or vision science at local, national, and/or international levels. Fellowship stands as a symbol of distinction that every Academy member can aspire to attain. It is conferred upon those who have exhibited excellence and innovation in one or more of the Fellowship categories.

Fellowship proudly signifies your unwavering dedication and outstanding accomplishments within your respective field. If accepted, you will have the privilege of affixing the prestigious letters “FEAOO” after your name, signifying your affiliation with the Academy, and you will be entrusted with the role of an active member and ambassador of our esteemed organization.

To be eligible for Fellowship consideration, you must have been an Academy member for a minimum of one year before your Fellowship interview. The application process entails the submission of a comprehensive portfolio of evidence that effectively illustrates your noteworthy achievements.

For members interested in participating in the evaluation of Fellowship submissions, we encourage you to express your interest by contacting Sonja Zinken at Please specify the category you would like to review. Rest assured, we are here to provide unwavering support and guidance throughout the entire application journey.

Ready to embark on this distinguished path? Start your Fellowship application today!

Thank you for your enduring commitment to the Academy. We eagerly await your application and the opportunity to consider you for the prestigious EAOO Fellowship.

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