Academy hour

Academy Hour is an eagerly anticipated online series of interactive discussions that take place from October to May, held every month. This virtual platform enables us to engage in enlightening conversations on a wide range of topics, all from the convenience of your chosen location.

EAOO Academy Hour offers a remarkable chance for us to connect, exchange our extensive knowledge, and gain new insights into the constantly changing field of optometry. We warmly welcome you to be an active part of this initiative, contributing your distinctive perspectives to enhance these enriching sessions.

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Academy Hour: What’s Hot in Optometry and Optics

Presenter: Dinah Paritzky

Duration: 58 minutes


Academy Hour: Love Your Eyes

Presenter: Jose Manuel González Méijome and Daniela Oehring

Duration: 1h 12min


EAOO President Liliana Stankova introduces Academy Hour

Presenter: Liliana Stankova

Duration: 2h

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