Dominique Meslin

Recently retired from the optical industry, Dominique has spent almost all his professional career with Essilor. Trained in France as an optician and optometrist, he started in Research and Development on physiological optics and then held several international positions in Technical Marketing and Communication. For more than 10 years, Dominique was the Director of the Essilor Academy Europe. He was then in charge of Professional and Technical Affairs for Europe and, in his last position, focused on the development of new Refraction Solutions in the Instruments Division of Essilor International. All over his career Dominique has conducted many training seminars for the Eye Care Practitioners, in many countries. He is the author of several scientific papers and many Essilor technical publications, including the “Ophthalmic Optics Files” series published by Essilor Academy. He is the Vice-President of the “Collège National des Opticiens de France” and member of the Education Committee of the “European Academy of Optometry and Optics”.